September 8, 2008

Ray trying to go through the airlock with his arms full.

One of Ray's workers putting on his breathing apparatus.

3 space aliens inside their spaceship.

Ray is putting a clear plastic bag over his head. The others follow suit.

The spraying has started and some of the rebar hangars are getting their bases covered.

There is a good sized square that has been sprayed.

This guy is monitoring the equipment to make sure it runs properly.

The beginning of one of my future boulders. Later it will be put somewhere then covered with concrete to make it look like a rock.

This will make a good rock cluster.

This rock cluster should have some good character about it.

The base of the rebar hangars has been completely covered by the foam insulation.

Lots of rebar hangar wires protruding from the foam.

Looking up at the very center of the airform.

Since they have to wait for another of Barrel A to arrive in the morning, today they are using their time to bend the specialty pieces of rebar.

Several short pieces of rebar were hammered into the tree truck. The rebar to be bent is placed between the short hammered in pieces. Then Marcos takes a metal pipe to bend the piece where he wants it bent. Spectacular!

The finished piece

Ray is showing his workers how the rebar is to be placed around the cutouts.

Measuring and cutting more rebar.

Reminds me of snow country.

The second story ceiling

While I was taking still shots, David was taking movies.

Looks like a bed of nails but its actually gunked up rebar holders.

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