September 17, 2008

The next 4 pictures were taken early in the morning.

These next 4 were taken a couple hours later.

The next 6 pictures were taken with my iPhone so I could show a friend at the credit union. Notice the color difference between the iPhone and my Nikon digital camera.

These I took when we got back from the credit union to show the progress.

Scraping the foam overspray off the plastic on the floor. It was right before 3 pm--quitting time.

2 corners on the upper cutout still need some rebar

Clean-up is always a good sign.

The rest of the pictures were taken after the workers had left for the day. Ray thinks it was over engineered--there is a lot of rebar. David was watching something on the weather channel about Las Vegas having 7 faults running through the valley. So-o-o that is why all the rebar. This house isn't going anywhere.

The dangling rebar will get fastened tomorrow.

I was standing at the front door when I shot at the back door.

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